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Brazil is a beautiful and diverse land; a perfect holiday destination to admire nature. If you are planning to visit Brazil this vacation and thinking why should you? Then here is the list of Top 10 reasons stating why you should visit this lovely country known worldwide for its warm, fun loving people and above all for its petite, exotic and feminine women.

1. Carnival: World famous celebration of Carnival Festival of Rio is one of the main reasons to travel to this beautiful country. The festival is celebrated annually forty days before the Easter. The energy and vigor of the festival is enough to lure tourists from all over the world.

2. Copacabana Beach: One of the worlds famous beaches Copacabana attracts thousands of tourists every year. Known for its lively and energetic ambience, the beach is simply a great reason to visit this lovely country.

3. Cariocas: The petite women are called as Cariocas in Rio. They are immensely popular worldwide for their friendly nature and hospitability towards tourists. If single and lonely, these Brazilian women will definitely add charm to your entire vacation with their friendly and warm attitude.

4. Splendid Surfing Beaches: Beaches of Rio offers great surfing options to its visitors. Florianopolis beach located in the Santa Catarina and Arpoador beach in Rio are two of its main beaches that offer tremendous great opportunities of surfing.

5. Lovely weather year round: The average weather in Brazil fluctuates around 70′s to 80′s degrees all year round. Alongside, in winters when whole northern part of world is covered with snow, Brazil is one such destination which offers warm ambience and brilliant sunshine to tourists from all over the world.

6. Energetic soccer games: If you are a soccer lover, then Brazil is the right place to be at. Soccer is one such game which is practiced as a religion here. You will come across endless soccer matches being played while wandering through its cities.

7. Learn Portuguese: If you want to try some Portuguese, then Brazil is the right destination to start. Grasp few of the basic phrases in Portuguese before visiting Brazil! Moreover, the lovely Brazilian women can prove to be of great help if looking to learn Portuguese!

8. Fit Brazilian Culture: Brazilian people love to be fit both physically and mentally. Who knows if perfect bodies and positive attitude inspires you to be like them?

9. Mouth -Watering Brazilian Food: Make sure you visit churrascaria when in Brazil. Frango Asado is one of the popular dishes of Brazil. Simply delicious in tatse, it is a barbecue chicken served with rice and fries.

10. Brazilian culture: Brazilians are known for their liberal attitude in whole world. Because of a history of mass cultural absorption by German, Spanish, Portuguese, African, Italian, Indigenous and plenty of other ethnicities, Brazil culture has evolved into a diverse culture, where everyone gets along easily

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